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No two pipe fabrication projects are the same, which is why we take a customized approach to every job. With our deep expertise and attention to detail, we can deliver high-quality solutions that meet your unique needs, without sacrificing speed or affordability. Discover the difference of a personalized approach to pipe fabrication with the best shop in Los Angeles, CA.

Pipe Spool Fabrication


You may not be able to find a fabrication shop that meets all of your project’s requirements. We understand that some jobs require certain certifications and procedures. Spending time looking for a shop can cause stress as well as a loss of time and money. 

Superior Pipe fabricators has a wide variety of certifications in various procedures and codes, this will cut down the amount of time you spend trying to find a shop that fills your project’s requirements. 

We are a Fabrication shop that can offer you welding to a variety of different materials, processes, and industry standards. We can even fabricate some of your specialty fabrication needs!

Specialty Services



Specialty Services

By doing business at Superior Pipe Fabricators you are working with a one-stop shop. Instead of searching for companies to individually cover all requirements of the project, we offer them in-house or you can leave it to us to get the job done. 

Along with fabrication, we can offer in-house or third-party services to test weld quality for your NDE needs. We also offer a variety of other add-ons such as coating, heat treating, galvanizing, pickling, passivating, and epoxy bonding. Not sure if we offer what you need?  See More Details

Hardness Testing


Heat Treating






Epoxy Bonding

Additional Services

Aside from fabrication, we can help you with your smaller project needs. We are determined to offer you a quick turnaround so you can get back to your project in a timely manner. Superior Pipe Fabricators is equipped to plasma, abrasive, & flame cutting, as well as, threading, beveling, & roll grooving.

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Roll Groove


The SPF Process


Detailing & Planning​


Quality Assurance​


Testing, Treating & Review​


Organizing Reports​

We know that making sure the project is done in a fast and efficient manner is what this industry is all about. Safety and quality are top concerns so you do not have to worry about the details.

Superior Pipe Fabricators prides itself on our unique fabrication process that offers you fast turnaround on projects. As well as a quick turnaround we offer high-quality work that is carefully exclaimed through all steps from when we receive the project to when it arrives in the field.

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